About Us

We have over 20 years experience of designing, creating and selling lodges, buildings and other associated products to the tourism and hospitality sectors (and other commercial establishments) both in the UK and overseas. We actually used to have our own, family-owned holiday sites in the Lakes and the Peak District so we do have direct experience of what works and perhaps more importantly, a knowledge of how these businesses become successful.

Be Different

With the Hideout House Company and Superglamp, we wanted to do something a bit unique where we could make a mark and stand out from the crowd. Three years of market research later and after many long and detailed discussions with various establishments up and down the country, we saw a gap in the market for a company to specialise in selling unique products which covered a whole spectrum of needs and requirements all under one roof and where we could help our clients stand out too. That is why we do not sell yurts, tipis or standard bell tents and camping pods – because everyone does!

Be Entrepreneurial

We also want to help our customers understand how they can transform their businesses by perhaps taking a new, fresh and entrepreneurial approach. We have done it ourselves with our own holiday sites and businesses as well as advising many others how they can transform theirs. Always think outside the box is our motto.

Be Green

We totally embrace the whole eco and environmental awareness ethos and we 100% understand how green & sustainable tourism is becoming ever more important to people. Hence the reason a lot of our products feature elements and components which support eco credentials. Please see our eco page for further details.

Be The Best

We also only work with specialist partner companies who share similar values to us and that is not just caring about the environment. Offering a good quality product where only perfection is acceptable and actually taking a pride in this fact, exemplary customer service and never wanting to let a customer down and caring for your staff are just some of the qualities, virtues and attributes we look for when deciding who to work with.

So we hope that you are as excited about our range as we are and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

All the best.

The Team at the Hideout House Company Ltd