Lodges are fast becoming quite serious alternatives to traditional bricks and mortar second homes or holiday homes. And they give you, the operator, some quite significant commercial advantages & benefits:

      • Assuming you have the license, you can rent them all year round so you are not limited to the traditional season and can thereby maximise your investment
      • You can either let them out yourself or re-sell them on as second homes (making a healthy profit margin) on a leasehold/license basis  – you can then further benefit from an annual ground rent and the opportunity to let them on behalf of your owners and take a booking commission
      • Lodges are built to conform to the definition of a caravan as set out in the Caravan Sites Act 1968 so you may already have planning permission in place if you have statics on site
      • They are built to the British Standard BS/EN 3632 so they are exempt from Building Regulations (although lodges are built nowadays to exceed the requirements of building reg standards) and VAT (apart from any furnishings upon which VAT is applied)
      • They require very little on-going maintenance, will outlive you and are environmentally more acceptable
      • They need not necessarily involve a significant upfront investment or risk as there are very many sizes and specifications available for different budgets and markets
      • As they are pre-manufactured units, they come fully kitted out ready for you to start letting out within a week – so minimal on-site build times
      • As glamping is going ever more up-market, lodges can fulfil the needs of the discerning guest who wants a bit more luxury and quality of accommodation

What’s So Special About Us?

In a nutshell – quality, ability to personalise due to a comprehensive range of both contemporary styles and designs available to set you apart from your bog standard lodge and we’re only limited by our imaginations. And if you want us to, we will hold your hand throughout by offering advice on planning, how you can maximise profits and returns, what the market wants and the current trends etc And did we mention quality?