Pods, Pod Lodges & Tiny Houses

If you are looking for accommodation units which nowadays have become known generically as pods, then we have developed our own unique designs and which we feature within these pages those of others too.

Pods typically can be units where you just sleep in them – a “posh tent” if you will but if you wanted to include an internal WC, shower, small kitchen and dining area with more floor space, then you would be looking at our pod lodge range.

Pod lodges, tiny houses, tiny homes, mobile hotel rooms etc are a new concept in sleeping accommodation – essentially they fill the much-needed gap between where a camping pod ends and a large two or three bedroom lodge starts. So they are mini lodges or maxi pods if you like! They are built to the exacting standards of BS EN 3632 and conform to the definition of a caravan as set out in the Caravan Sites Act 1968. Basically this means you can use these units all year round and as a result, they offer an excellent return on investment. And they can be used both within a commercial context/environment or as a self-contained garden annexe – somewhere for granny, friends and family, “boomerang” children, paying B&B guests to stay!