Self Contained Garden Annexes

Our range of pre-fabricated, mobile self-contained accommodation buildings can be used for a whole host of applications within a garden environment or residential setting. Essentially they are a second tiny home in your garden! Here are some typical uses:

  •  B&B bedroom. Since its arrival on the scene in 2007, Air BnB has shaken the hotel industry to its core and over the last five years the business has grown 353 times over. 353 times! It actually provides an economic lifeline to many middle class families who use their service so our buildings can provide you with a way to get in on the act and make some money from this trend (which is not going to disappear anytime soon).
  • Accommodation for the “boomerangers and doomerangers” – i.e. those children of all ages who for a whole host of reasons are forced to live back at home but don’t particularly want to be under the same roof as Mummy and Daddy. They value their independence and probably so do you!
  • Extra guest bedroom
  • Sleep-over den for the children

Our range of products are also built as a mobile unit and arrive on site as a pre-manufactured building – so technically it is a “caravan” and can easily be moved at a later date if so required. Assuming a base is already down and services are running out to site, you are in business within two days of us arriving at your house.