How To License Your Venue For a Wedding Gazebo

unspecified3Since the introduction of the Marriage Act 1994, couples no longer have to get married in either a church or a registry office and as a result of this legislation, this has considerably widened the net for a far greater choice of venue – namely hotels, golf clubs, civic halls, stately homes, theatres, restaurants etc. And a lot of these type of venues are increasingly offering wedding gazebos for conducting outdoor civil ceremonies.

And why not – if your establishment benefits from amazing natural surroundings and a beautiful and romantic setting, licensing your venue for a wedding gazebo can be a very lucrative venture for any business. One of our clients has recently told us that his whole wedding business is now based around his ability to offer an outdoor ceremony and which always gives him the edge over his local competition.

Also you don’t necessarily have to be in this business already or be able to offer reception facilities for example. A lot of venues simply just offer ceremonies only.

In order to apply for your license, you need to approach your local registration office at the council but ensure first that you have the correct planning consents in place (as the council will want to know this). For your premises to be licensable, any outdoor structure must be fixed and permanent (so not tents or marquees for example). It also must be a minimum size of 3m x 3m or equivalent and capable of hosting six people including the registrar’s table and chairs. If you click on wedding gazebos you will see that we give sizes showing this stipulation.

The wedding gazebo must also be in keeping with the dignity of the civil ceremony – I think they mean nothing too crass in this instance!

Also remember that this is the UK and we have something called rain which tends to happen quite often. You therefore need to ensure that if Mother Nature does decide to literally rain on your parade, you have the ability to be able to offer a suitable alternative – such as an internal room – which is large enough to cater for all of the guests.

Quite a few councils also now actively help in promoting your venue once licensed – although you have to pay a set fee for a license for a period of years – a lot of them publish lists of all of their licensed venues which you will be included on and any other promotional opportunities such as the web, flyers etc

And one last thing to bear in mind. When you are not using your wedding gazebo for civil ceremonies, it can easily double up as a quiet relaxation and seating area or even somewhere to conduct meetings.

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oval outdoor wedding gazebo

Oval wedding gazebo