The Hideout House Cottage

Believe it or not, this unit is technically a caravan as it conforms to the definition of the Caravan Act! Classified as a pre-manufactured transportable building, the Hideout House Cottage is therefore capable of being moved.

But of course in concept, it is completely different and offers a new dimension to guest or alternative accommodation.

These unique and attractive cedar clad units can perhaps best be described as mini, one bed lodges or tiny houses which possess all the attributes & benefits of your typical lodge but at a fraction of the cost. So the upfront investment to you is minimal compared to the other available options but you will be able to offer something which is completely new to the market. The Hideout House Cottage basically fills a much needed gap between where say the accommodation pod ends and a traditional lodge starts!

When the first lodge was installed at a holiday park near Henley on Thames in late Spring, every night was sold out for the whole of the summer holiday period…and this was achieved with very little pre-marketing activity. Such is the draw of these lodges.

We have put together a comprehensive Questions & Answers document plus an easy-to-use profit delivery and investment return analysis spreadsheet if you so wanted to rent it out – please contact us for further details and we would be more than happy to send this to you.

Features and Benefits

  • Is built to conform to the definition of a caravan under the Caravan Act so is planning friendly (or it may already fall under your existing planning consents)
  • Exempt from building regulations
  • If you need to go “off grid”, we have systems which allow you to do this so that you can be completely independent of mains services
  • VAT is only payable as to 5% on the main unit and 20% on soft furnishings
  • Is a pre-manufactured unit so delivered to site on removable wheels – less on site time for you the customer
  • Insulated to roof, walls and floor and with double glazing throughout – therefore minimal heating and running costs for you
  • Ideal for all year round use – gives you the ability therefore to extend your season
  • Many options available including WC/shower, kitchenette, mini dining area, double gas-sprung bed (with extra under bed storage), electric wood burning stove, hideaway sofa beds with truckle, TV, extended terrace to the front and side with BBQ tables and seats, pergola, hammocks and that old crowd pleaser the hot tub!
  • Can sleep up to 4 people
  • Manufactured out of Western red cedar which not only has a pleasant aesthetic quality but also requires very little on-going maintenance

Dimensional drawinginsulation properties