Self Contained Annexes and Accommodation Pods for the Garden

We recently exhibited at an exhibition for the glamping industry but were amazed (and pleased!) to find that at least half of our visitors were interested in having an independent accommodation annexe for their garden as well.

If you ever wanted to study a current demographic trend, you would do well to understand why people are wanting lodges/annexes/pods for their garden. The uses are quite varied but consistent and I list them all below

– The first being that people want to use them as an extra guest room and it certainly is a cheaper option than building an extension for example. If you did have an extension built, it would probably need planning permission and building regulations and you would have builders on site for quite a period of time disrupting your day…and not to mention the mess and noise! As the majority of our self contained garden annexes and pods are pre-manufactured buildings and conform to the mobile home and caravan act, they are typically exempt from planning (assuming certain conditions are met), building regs and VAT at the full 20%. And you can be operational within a couple of days from the delivery of the unit.

– Second up is the granny annexe which an elderly relative can use to live in in order to be nearer their loved ones for care and support. By having a self contained garden annexe, both parties ensure their independence and if extra care is required, there are some very good at home care service companies who can offer services from literally coming round once a day to full time live-in care. As we are living a lot longer nowadays and the state is already struggling to provide adequate support in terms of financial support for the elderly, this could prove to be a very viable and more pleasant alternative to care homes.

– Then we have the “boomerang” generation and for those of you who are not au fait with this term, it is usually used to describe children who have flown the family nest after university, school etc but have to return back to the family fold mainly for financial reasons. These “millennials” cannot simply afford to buy their own property or even rent somewhere – especially in the major towns and cities of the UK. So they return home but perhaps they don’t want to live with Mummy and Daddy anymore so an independent living arrangement at the bottom of the garden suits them just fine (and probably the parents too!). This above two are known as inter-generational living and do indeed have many benefits for all parties concerned.

– Last but not least, we have the increasingly popular trend of people letting out spare rooms as bed and breakfast which has been made ever more easier and popular with the likes of Airbnb. Again, the guest has their independence being in a self contained unit in a garden annexe and the hosts don’t have to worry too having a complete stranger staying under the same roof.

Our range of garden annexes takes in everything that is required for the above and we have a range of options to choose from for all individual needs – even including a sunken hot tub on the outside decking! And due to the way they are built and supplied, there are quite a few advantages of having this type of building – planning permission, building reg and VAT exemptions being some!

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