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What Do We Do With Granny?

It is a question we will all have to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. And with average fees running at £29,250 for a residential care home (rising to £39,300 if nursing care is necessary), it is not an issue to be taken lightly.




A standard residential care home costs on average £30k per year (£39k for nursing care) and these fees are rising rapidly. A resident spends an average of four years in a home with about 12% of people staying for eight years.


In the majority of cases, you will not need planning permission for your granny annexe. However we do recommend that you obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development from your local planning authority which we can handle on your behalf.


In most cases our granny annexes are not subject to Building Regulations or VAT which saves you even more money within your budget.


Whilst not required for these structures, our building specification and method incorporate all of the requirements needed to comply with the insulation and access standards to meet full Building Reg requirements resulting in lower ongoing running and maintenance costs.



Your granny annexe will have an indefinite lifespan so therefore represents an investment and asset to your home.


Our granny annexes are essentially like a second home in your garden so this can only but have a positive effect on the value of your property.


A garden annexe can also be used as an extra guestroom or bedroom, somewhere for returning children to live, an office or even as a rentable B&B unit or holiday let.


As the building is essentially built as a transportable mobile unit, there is the possibility of selling and relocating it on at a later date if so required.



You have total peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are near to you in a safe and comfortable environment but everyone still maintains their privacy and independence.


Our special, non-obtrusive care monitoring system allows you to measure movement and temperature in the annexe – so it can let you know for example if there is a lack of movement, perhaps suggesting a fall. The system gives you the comfort that your loved ones are safe and well.


In most cases, planning permission will not be required which just makes the whole process that bit easier to manage and plan for.



All granny annexes come with a five year warranty which you can extend up to 25 years by subscribing to our optional inspection plan.


As the building is a pre-manufactured mobile building, we’ll construct your building in just two days eliminating a whole load of stress, mess and delay.

Recommended Packages and Options

Every Nook & Granny 23

Prices start from

£54,995 inc VAT

Every Nook & Granny 30

Prices start from

£68,995 inc VAT

Every Nook & Granny 40

Prices start from

£89,995 inc VAT

Features and Benefits

Caravan/Mobile Home Status

Our granny annexes are built to conform to the definition of a caravan/mobile home and thereby comply with the Caravan Act 1968. We have established and confirmed with many local authorities that our range of granny annexes complies with this Act.

  • In the majority of cases, planning permission is therefore not required but we would advise you to obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development (which we can apply for on your behalf). See our comments on planning permission in the FAQ section
  • Mobile homes or caravans are exempt from Building Regulations although our building methods and specifications incorporate all the requirements needed to comply with the insulation and access standards to meet full building regulation requirements
  • Mobile homes or caravans that comply with BS3632 and have no planning conditions restricting their use are normally zero rated for VAT. However some elements are subject to VAT at the standard rate and where applicable this is included. This still represents an automatic saving to you of 20%

Remote Care Monitoring

Canary Care is a non-intrusive monitoring system that uses sensors to measure movement and temperature in the granny annexe. It doesn’t use cameras or microphones thereby maintaining and respecting your loved ones privacy but giving you absolute peace of mind. The system uses all UK mobile networks with its own built-in mobile connection. It can notify you if there is a lack of movement, perhaps suggesting a fall, the temperature of the annexe, when someone leaves or arrives and many other facets.

If needs be, we can also fit flood and CO2 detectors, medication reminders with dispensers, extreme temperature sensors, bed/chair occupancy sensors and pressure mats.

  • Gives you the comfort and knowledge that your loved ones are safe and well whilst giving them the freedom to live as independently, securely, healthily and happily as they are able
  • We can develop care systems to meet the individual needs of your relatives as and when they need them

Range of Special Options for the Elderly

In addition to our standard specifications, we have not forgotten who these buildings are used by and are therefore able to offer a suite of options for their special individual needs and requirements. These include but are not limited to:

  • Remote care monitoring sytems
  • We have a partnership arrangement with the award-winning home care company Helping Hands who provide bespoke private, live-in and hourly visiting care. The domiciliary care Helping Hands deliver is tailored to the exact needs of your loved ones regardless of the condition they may be affected by. This partnership therefore represents numerous benefits to a family who are considering the option of having a granny annexe in their garden. Backed up with specialist and individually tailored care package, you need not worry about the safety and care of your relatives if you are unable to be on hand 24/7.
  • EHC WiFi remote control heating system – includes a WiFi compatible gateway box, power meter clamp and accessory pack to enable you to control your heating via your PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone from anywhere and to monitor your power usage
  • Electric underfloor heating – prowarm underfloor heating system with zoned programmable thermostats for complete temperature control. Eliminates hot and cold spots in the room, providing a balanced gentle heat throughout the building
  • Assistance pack – a range of suitably positioned grabrails in the shower room and at the front entrance; shower seat; comfort toilet seats which are higher than standard ones and therefore easier to access; low threshold shower trays
  • Internal doors wide enough for wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair access ramps

You can have a granny annexe which is ideally suited to the needs of an elderly person and will keep them safe and comfortable.

Turnkey Project Management Package

We fully appreciate that this can be a time consuming and complicated matter when choosing what building to have, were it will best be sited etc For absolute peace of mind and ease of convenience for you, we offer a full project management package which typically includes planning permission approval (if so required) or obtaining a Certificate of Lawful Development, groundworks and foundations and all mains service connections.

Leave it up to us as the experts. You just simply have to move in!


That will depend on how your annexe is constructed. In most cases a granny annexe does not require planning permission because our annexes are classed as a mobile home. We do however apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use on your behalf, which confirms that planning permission is not required.

We have two methods. If there is sufficient access we can deliver our modular system annex to site in sections that have been pre-assembled in our factory, the sections are then lifted into position by crane. If access for a crane is not available then the alternative is for the pre-manufactured components to be delivered to site in a flat pack and the annexe is assembled on site by our expert technicians.

Yes, the components can be walked down the side of the house and if necessary through the house provided there is a straight run.

Yes, we work all over the UK.

A modular granny annex can be removed in exactly the same way as it was delivered. Our traditional log style annexes can be taken down and re-assembled elsewhere. However in our experience once an annexe is installed for the use of family members there would be little reason to remove it at a later date.

No, not with our granny annexe which is classed as a mobile home and is exempt from Building Regulations.

No, we provide you with a complete turnkey package that includes a screw pile foundation that requires minimal excavation.

Your home will require very little maintenance, in fact the internal log walls should not require any future maintenance. Externally, like all timber structures the log walls will require a clear coat of UV protection to maintain the lustre of the timber against the elements.

We offer a full 5 year warranty on the structure of the annex which can be increased to 25 years by taking out our bi-annual inspection plan.

Yes, we are delighted to offer a bespoke design service as we feel it is very important that our clients get the home they want. By changing the standard design this does involve considerable additional work and comes at a premium of an additional 5%.

Once you are in a position to place an order are standard delivery times are 6-8 weeks from firm order (although this can vary at the time of order). The time on site can depend on whether we deliver a modular annexe that is pre-assembled in our factory involving several days on site. Alternatively assembly on site of the whole unit including internal fit will involve several weeks depending on the size of the unit.

No, we take care all of the architectural side of things including plans and advice on obtaining a Certificate of Lawful Use and that is all part of our planning service package.

We have a fully fitted out 2 bedroom log home at our HQ in Reading and viewings are welcome by appointment only.

We can provide a Wi-Fi operated remote heating system so that your heating can be controlled by your PC or laptop or indeed a relative can do so on your behalf. We can also provide a monitoring system that uses sensors to measure movement and temperature in the annexe. It does not use cameras or microphones thereby maintaining privacy, but it does notify if there is a lack of movement perhaps suggesting a fall.

Vat is payable for a mobile home under 23m². Mobile homes designed for residential use are exempt from VAT, however curtains, blinds and white goods are not exempt.

Class W Council Tax Exemption could apply to your granny annexe. An ‘annexe’ is defined in Council Tax regulations as a dwelling which forms part of a single property which includes another dwelling and which may not be let separately from that other dwelling without a breach of planning controls.

Occupied annexes are exempt if occupied as the home of a dependant relative of a person living in the main dwelling.

A relative is to be regarded as dependent if: –

  • Aged 65 years or more;
  • Under 65 but severely mentally impaired;
  • Under 65 but substantially and permanently disabled.

The following are ‘relatives’ for the purpose of the exemption: –

  • Spouse;
  • Parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, great-uncle, great-aunt, great-nephew or great-niece
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